GMAS Sport

GMAS has an extensive, diverse and challenging co-curricular program across Sports and the Arts.

It is structured to meet the needs of our students, and to capitalise upon the expertise of our staff and parents. The focus is firmly on participation and having a go rather than on pure ability. Students of all ages are encouraged to be involved in the local after school and weekend sporting competitions and our distinctive teal and blue uniforms are a familiar sight on the various sporting fields.

At GMAS we offer Swimming, Girls AFL, Soccer, Hockey, Netball, Cricket and Basketball both as an associated extra-curricular option on weekends or after school against local teams and in conjunction with school affiliated competitions on weeknights.

Our diversity in geography allows our students to participate in various levels and associations around the south-west of Western Australia against a plethora of opposition. We participate in various one day carnivals in a variety of sports and groups, as well as giving our teams the opportunity to progress to various championship level games in Perth should they succeed in gaining entry.

At school, students have an active PE programme and all Junior School students have a morning fitness program. We have Interhouse athletics, cross country and swimming carnivals and compete in local and State Carnivals in Perth for both Junior and Secondary students.

The involvement of specialist coaches to develop both the coaching skills of the team coaches as well as the students is a key to a successful development of sport at GMAS. To further expand the depth of coaching knowledge and skills we are offering Level 1 coaching courses to staff, parents, and students in chosen sports.

GMAS has had a number of students selected to represent at local, State and National level in Swimming, Football, Netball, Basketball, Soccer, Equestrian, Hockey, Athletics, Cross country and Clay target shooting. Many have been rewarded with team colours as a result of their wonderful efforts.

GMAS Sporting Codes of Behaviour

GMAS Swimming Club 

Is an incorporated swimming club affiliated with Swimming WA. We are open to all swimmers aged seven and upwards in the Busselton community and surrounding areas.

Our club's objective is to provide quality coaching for swimmers of all levels of ability in a friendly, positive environment.

We cater to recreational and fitness swimmers, through to competitive swimmers who are encouraged and supported to achieve their objectives and goals in Local, State and National competitions. We have a team of experienced coaches and a dedicated management committee, supported by a group of enthusiastic parents, creating a fun, family-oriented club.

Our club trains at the Geographe Leisure Centre in Busselton, WA and regularly attends swim meets in our region and in Perth. We also attend at least one meet per year in another regional centre. An application form can be found under the Information tab on the GMAS Swim Club website

Please email the completed form to