Performing Arts

Performing Arts at GMAS encompasses Music, Drama, Dance and Musical Productions. Please refer to the associated link for information on music.


Drama was introduced in 2008 as a co-curricular activity in both the Junior and Secondary School. It is now offered as a class subject with WACE Drama being a study option for Year 11 and 12. Vocations of all types require drama skills of some kind, such as clear public speaking, emotional expression and self-confidence. Drama class develops these skills in tandem with an experience studying great drama masterpieces and observing great actors at work. Dedicated and enthusiastic Drama staff aim to implement a whole school approach to the Arts.

The Secondary School Drama classes contribute performances to two Drama Concert evenings throughout the year, giving students an opportunity to see the possibilities of performaing on a stage with lights, sets and costumes. Two musical productions are staged each year, one for Secondary School and a Junior School production. The Junior School Musical features each class from Years 3 to 6 performing on stage in one big night of colour and song.

Productions (major) since 2008

2008 - Tom Sawyer and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat
2009 - Oliver and Pirates of Penzance
2010 - Tom Sawyer
2011 - Aladdin and Snoopy
2012 - Round the World in 80 Ways and Man of Steel
2013 - Magical Mystery Tour and Smithy
2014 - Adventure of the High Seas and How the West was Warped
2015 - Musical Extravaganza and The Three Musketeers
2016 - Musical Extravaganza and Get Smarter