Debating at GMAS

2007 saw the launch of a great cultural and scholastic competition, comprising both Interschool and Interhouse Debating.

Georgiana Molloy Anglican School has taken the initiative in establishing the Busselton Secondary Schools' Debating Competition, which will see teams from Year 8, Year 9 & 10 and Year 11 & 12 compete for a Perpetual Shield and prizes for their school. This exciting new competition takes place in Term 2 and provides another avenue for parents to support their children.

The Interhouse Debating competition aims to raise a new element of cultural and scholastic excellence to the School's co-curricular program by pitting the 6 Houses - Bunker, Eagle, Flinders, Geographe, Hamelin and Meelup - against each other to determine which House earns the championship and extra points for the House competition.

A highlight of the School's debating program has been the annual Staff vs Students debate, a skillful yet entertaining competition, bringing together the entire School community and judged by popular acclaim. The inaugural 2007 debate was convincingly won by the Staff, only to have the title wrested from them in a stunning upset by the 2008 student team.

The Perpetual Shield donated by Peter May who was Chair of School Council, is currently hanging in the school MAC

        2007 - Staff
  2008 - Student
  2009 – Staff
  2010 – Student
  2011 – Debate not held
  2012 - Staff
  2013 – Debate not held
  2014 - Staff
  2015 - Student