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Participation in camp begins in Kindergarten here at GMAS.

Kindy to Year 1 camps are in the form of a one day excursion to a variety of Southwest tourist attractions. The excursions are based on the interests of the students and the curriculum being taught in the classroom. They seek to encourage independence, fun and confidence, whilst promoting local knowledge. Examples are the Yallingup Maze, Wonky Windmill Farm, Busselton Jetty and Observatory and Bunbury Dolphin Centre.

By the time students get to Year 2 and 3 they are invited to a one night camp which is based at school for Year 2s and Year 3s spend a night at the local 'Holy Mile' camp. Students participate in a variety of entertaining activities which can include visiting local attractions, building friendships and self-esteem through games which is followed by a sleep over.

Like the Year 3 Camp, Year 4 camp is a one-night camp based in Bridgetown. The Bridgetown Camp School is run by the Department of Education and provides a variety of learning opportunities and experiences in a real world context that are not available in the school setting. The camp builds on the Year 3 experiences and seeks to promote self-management skills, interpersonal skills, self-esteem and a sense of values. There are a variety of activities offered; these include orienteering, papermaking and juggling.

Year 5 camp is a two-night camp, based at the Nanga Bush Camp in Dwellingup. Students are accommodated in dormitory style accommodation. The activities are run by Dwellingup Adventures and are generally more physical than in Year 3 and 4, with the emphasis on participation and enjoyment. Activities may include raft building, flying fox, low ropes and team games, all taking place in an attractive bush setting.

The Year 6 camp is a three-day/two-night camp. Based in Perth at one of the Department of Sport and Recreation’s campgrounds this is a wonderful climax to the Junior School Outdoor Education experience. The camp exposes students to a variety of educational and cultural experiences, alongside some more physical activities that seek to extend and challenge the individual.

As a Year 7 student in their first year of secondary school, this camp is designed with a team building focus in mind where students have the opportunity to build relationships and confidence through challenging and enjoyable experiences. Students are lodged in dormitories at St Mary’s Metricup, which is also where the outdoor education workshop and activities are based. Students hike the Cape to Cape track and activities range from individual and team based challenges with the final day focused on water based activities.

The Year 8 students travel to Hamelin Bay Caravan Park for their outdoor educational experience – Hamelin Wildfire.  The purpose of the camp is to promote leadership and teambuilding skills whilst learning about the biodiversity of South West Western Australia flora and fauna. 

The GMAS Canberra tour is a wonderful opportunity for all Year 9 students to visit and explore our nation’s capital city. The tour is highly educational with an itinerary that is full of very diverse opportunities and activities to suit the National Curriculum and all students. 

The Year 10 camp is based in Albany at Camp Quaranup. The camp is predominately undertaken outdoors, with students involed in a number of activities that will see them challenged, inspired and immersed in nature. Some of the activities planned include outdoor laser tag, surfing, canoeing, hiking, orienteering and a visit to the Tree Top Walk in Denmark.

The Year 11 students embark on the GMAS PRIDE camp (Perth Race for Independence, Discovery and Education) which is loosley based around the television show The Amazing Race. The aim of this camp is to develop each student's independence and education in and around Perth. Each student will be part of a group of 8 or 9 and will need to work together in order to find clues and solve challenges as they travel throughout the Perth suburbs. Students will need to budget the money they are given for the camp. They will receive lunch and transport money at the start of the week and will need to manage it each day themselves or as a group.

The Year 12 retreat is different to any of the other camps at GMAS.  The “step up” retreat looks at our relationship with ourselves, our relationships with others and life beyond school. On retreat there is lots of time for talking to each other, be it in small groups with a facilitator, or gathered as a whole group in a large space to converse and share experiences with those around you.  It's a time to get to know different people from your year group, and a time to step up in to adulthood. The atmosphere of being in New Norcia creates a calmness and a complete break from the normality of school and the busyness of Year 12 (and all the challenges that this brings), enabling us to consider the bigger picture of our lives and reflect upon the choices we make.  There is always lots of laughter and friendship, and fun.