Our School Uniform

Georgiana Molloy Anglican School has a school uniform of which it is proud. Uniforms give children a sense of belonging, self esteem, pride and purpose which is so important for them in their developmental years. Uniforms also eliminate the need for unnecessary (brand image) competition between students.

It is a condition of enrolment at Georgiana Molloy Anglican School that our uniform be worn completely and correctly by a child at all times when at school, at school functions and events, and while travelling to and from school. We expect that parents will actively support the school by ensuring that their children leave home and arrive home in their correct and complete uniform each day. Personal presentation of children is of utmost importance.

Georgiana Molloy Anglican School has a policy regarding hair styles and colour, jewellery, and general grooming and deportment for both boys and girls. It is a conservative but responsible policy and parents and their children must feel comfortable in adhering to this policy prior to accepting an offer of a place at the school.


School Term Opening Hours

Tuesday and Thursday (starting Tuesday, 6 June)
8:15 - 11:30am, 12:30 - 4:15pm

You can also uniforms online, and your order will be placed in Student Services for collection.
Please visit this link for the new GMAS Online Uniform Shop: http://www.gmasuniformshop.com.au/

During school holiday busy periods, we advise the parent/guardian to book an appointment via email: UniformShop@gmas.wa.edu.au. Priority will be given to those appointments that have been made prior.

Have you inadvertently picked up an order for someone else from Student Services? Orders are traceable and your honesty in returning this is appreciated.

Further information about the uniform and expectations regarding the presentation of students can be obtained from Heads of Sub-School.





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