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Rejoice in Service

Georgiana Molloy was a remarkable witness of faith, service and justice. A focus for the young men and women at GMAS is to be inspired to take up the challenges before them to make our world a better place through their faith in Jesus Christ, the sense of justice and their service to others.

School Crest

The Georgiana Molloy Anglican School crest is derived from an original design by the inaugural Chairman of the School Council, The Right Reverend Bishop Tom Wilmot and the family of the late George Webb.

The ellipse shape of the crest symbolizes an egg and points to the Easter Resurrection of Jesus Christ, the creative nature of God, and the fruitfulness of life. The Bishop’s Mitre and the two tabs symbolise the New and the Old Testaments. Within the ellipse is found the “Australian Christmas Tree” flower, the species registered in the British Museum by Georgiana Molloy. Beneath the flower are the black and the white hands illustrating the open and trusting relationship that existed between Georgiana Molloy and indigenous people who owned the land on which the school now stands. The hands are joined through the holding of the Coolamon which is an aboriginal water vessel. The Coolamon holds life giving water and together with the flame symbolizes the Christ light, Baptism and new life.

The School Motto "Rejoice in Service" is at the base of the crest. 

Statement of Purpose

Opportunities now... benefits for life

Mission Statement

As a community we are committed to upholding the Anglican ethos and nurturing students to reach their full potential through service, excellence and enjoyment in learning.

Values Statement

We Value:

Spiritual and moral development through Christian principles and Pastoral Care.

Trust, honesty and openness in thought, word and deed.

Respect and justice for ourselves, others and our community.

An inclusive, collaborative teaching and learning environment.