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Positive Psychology is the scientific study of what goes right in life. It is the study of optimal experience – people being their best and doing their best. Extensive research has demonstrated that Positive Education increases a students overall wellbeing. At Georgiana Molloy anglican School (GMAS) we apply the science of well being in an educational setting with the aim of creating flourishing students, staff and whole school communities.

Positive Education is a strengths based approach, in contrast to a deficit-based approach, that involves exploring strategies that identify ‘what works’ for the child and ‘how it works’ so that the strategies can be continued and developed to match the child’s abilities.  

Positive Education has been introduced throughout GMAS focusing on mindfulness and character strengths. Students and staff have been working to identify and develop their character strengths. Secondary students and staff have completed the VIA Character Strength Survey which helps to identify a persons top strengths. Research shows that engaging key character strengths can improve peoples performance as well as their overall wellbeing. The school conducts an annual Wellbeing Survey to monitor how students and staff are progressing and to identify areas to focus on to improve wellbeing.

Here at GMAS our staff are constantly at the forefront of what is new and improved in the wellness space, attending professional development days and bringing back the most up to date and effective information. The Positive Education Committee is working towards informative, interactive communication with families so invites the community to an information night held here at GMAS.