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At GMAS the Pastoral Care of students and the effective communication with parents underpins the whole operation of the School. We believe that if the students are happy and secure in their School environment then they will successfully engage in all other educational and co-curricular programmes. Pastoral Care is about establishing relationships early with both the student and their parents. This is so a "safety net" exists for children. Having somebody there to talk to is one of the most important needs of a child. The staff at GMAS are committed to developing strong and caring pastoral relationships with their students and parents, encouraging them to be open in their communication.

This communication triangle of parents, children and the school is alive and flowing from the moment an offer of enrolment is accepted. It stands to reason that, with parent’s intimate knowledge of their son or daughter, the teacher’s professional educational skills and the student’s commitment to their learning, that consistent communication between all three is required to bring out the best in a safe and caring environment. 

Supporting the teaching staff in Middle and Senior School in their role as the primary pastoral carer of their students are the Heads of School and the Home Room system. Each year level is divided into smaller groups called Home Rooms, each with a teacher, who monitors closely the progress and general development of each student and liaises closely with the Head of School and parents.  In their Home Room, students learn not only to take an interest in each other and broaden their own horizons, they also make their own contribution to the Home Room group activities, feel valued and can use their strengths to develop the confidence to work on their weaknesses. 

These Home Room Groups meet each morning and the teacher is the first port of call for matters of a pastoral concern. Teachers are in constant communication with parents through the use of the school diary. If an issue arises which requires further support then the matter is referred to the Head of School. If the matter is still not resolved, the matter is then referred to the Deputy Principal. The Chaplain may be called upon during any of these steps. Once all other avenues are exhausted the matter may be referred to the Principal.

Like Middle and Senior School, Primary School takes matters of Pastoral Care very seriously and uses BUZ programmes to widely enforce this. BUZ is an acronym for Build Up Zone. BUZ is about teaching children to care for each other while at the same time building resilience in students.