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Anglican schools in Western Australia are distinctively Christian communities, fulfilling the Gospel imperative to teach the faith and nurture the young.

Anglican schools:

  nurture spiritual growth
  provide a dynamic education while maintaining continuity with the past
  value a spirit of inquiry and intellectual endeavour
  support the development of the whole person with a balanced education
  promote a safe, disciplined, caring learning community
  aspire to be inclusive and open, responding to diverse needs and abilities
  affirm the dignity and worth of all people
  encourage social, ethical, civic and environmental responsibility.

For 150 years Anglican schools in Western Australia have been centres of excellence in teaching and learning, pastoral care, worship and service. Located in Perth and a growing number of regional centres, Anglican schools are diverse in nature and character, as is the Anglican Church itself. From long established single-sex to newer co-educational schools, day and boarding, at various tuition fee accessibility ranges, Anglican education is the second largest grouping of non-government schools in Western Australia.

Anglican schools are active participants in the mission of the Church, encouraging young people to consider a personal response to the Christian faith, and to develop an appreciation of other religious traditions.

Anglican schools provide young people with opportunities to develop an understanding of the beliefs and practices of the Anglican Church through religious education programs, worship, and community service programs.

  Religious education programs encourage young people to think, question, challenge, investigate and reflect in their guided search for spiritual meaning and truth. Through these classes, young people may learn and make informed decisions about matters of personal faith and ethical behaviour.
  Worship services in the Anglican tradition provide young people with opportunities to develop and express their spiritual nature. Bible reading, music, prayer, reflection and the Arts form important parts of liturgies in Anglican schools.
  Community service programs through Anglican agencies and other bodies enable young people to engage in Christian ministry and service to others, especially those in need.

Anglican schools provide the whole school community of young people, staff and parents with an environment in which all members may grow in faith.

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