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Merciful God, whose word called creation into being,
call us through this school into your community of faith
and to the fullness of Christ.
May we who are nurtured here
learn to rejoice in your service,
we who are blessed here,
become a blessing to others everywhere
all the days of our lives.

Written by Rev Tom Willmot while he was the Parish Priest and Rector of St Mary’s Busselton, the prayer was decided on with the assistance of the School Council.

The prayer needed to be short and concise so it would be remembered yet encapsulate the spirit of Busselton itself, the Georgiana Molloy mission statement and the Anglican Ethos.

After much deliberation and many versions brought forward to discuss and with thought from many parties, our very own school prayer was formalised and our students are encouraged to say it with pride.

At Georgiana Molloy Anglican School Chaplaincy is primarily about working alongside people. One size does not fit all.

My personal philosophy is that happy students learn better and happy staff teach better. Programs are important but far more important are the circumstances of individuals. If students are able to leave the school gate happy each day then they have had a far better opportunity to have learnt.

Chaplaincy is certainly grounded in the Christian faith, and embraces the teachings of Jesus to love all that God has created, love oneself and to love one another. Chaplaincy is about people, sharing their needs, their struggles, their celebrations and their joy. The way the Chaplain does this is through classroom teaching, chapel services, whole school events, spending time with individuals and with families.

School Chaplaincy has had a long history, as long as education itself. The Chaplain’s role is to offer encouragement and support, to act in truth and build community.