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In Greek mythology ‘Prometheus’ was the Titan who provided humans with wisdom in the form of fire. The Prometheus program at GMAS is a Gifted and Talented program for students from Year 5 through to Year 9. The program has two key aims: 

  • To develop each students critical, creative and collaborative thinking skills and support them to become innovative and resourceful global citizens; and
  • To improve student wellbeing, so that students can engage confidently and meaningfully in their education and lives beyond.  

The backbone of the program is collaborative, critical and creative thinking based in Philosophy and Ethics. Students develop their critical and collaborative thinking through critical thinking exercises such as Community of Inquiries (COI’s). The Community of Inquiry framework is a process of creating a deep and meaningful learning experience through respectful and insightful group discussions. As a part of this process, students are provided with stimulus material about a philosophical issue and then work to generate questions and answer them together. It is through the Community of Inquiry that students develop their ability to respect, listen to and understand a diverse range of views. This a key factor in helping students to increase their confidence and preparedness to put forward their views.


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GMAS’ Prometheus Gifted and Talented program supports individuals to become resourceful and innovative global citizens who are able to confidently and meaningfully engage in their education and lives beyond. Students are encouraged to challenge common stereotypes and beliefs while examining moral, ethical and philosophical ideals.


In addition to the collaborative, critical and creative thinking exercises, Promethians also have the opportunity to engage with students across learning areas and sub-schools, participate in competitions with other educational institutions and interact within the wider local community.

For further information, please contact the following staff members:

Mrs Rachel Cook (Primary) - rco@gmas.wa.edu.au
Mr Brad Taylor (Secondary) - bta@gmas.wa.edu.au