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Leadership in all of its forms at Georgiana Molloy Anglican School is to be seen as a service role to others in the school community.

Student Leaders at Georgiana Molloy Anglican School are not people who are rewarded for good work or good behaviour by being given a position, nor is the appointment of Student Leaders a popularity contest. Student leadership at Georgiana Molloy Anglican School is rather a matching of a person to a responsibility to be fulfilled for the service of others.

The position of Student Leader at Georgiana Molloy Anglican School requires a high degree of individual responsibility in upholding the ideals and expectations of the School at all times.  At the same time, it carries the role of guide and mentor to the youngest members of the School.

The Student Leadership Team in the Secondary School will comprise of a Head Boy, Head Girl and a Student Representative Council Prefect and House Representatives.

The Primary School will have a Boy and Girl Leader, a Leader for each of the six Houses and specialist leaders for Art, Sport, Sustainability and Service.
Every Student Leader is expected to fulfil the responsibilities and display the qualities of effective leaders.

The students in Year 2, as the senior students in Early Childhood, will be encouraged to provide an excellent example to the younger students in the Early Childhood Sub-School.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provide a role model for other students in areas of uniform, courtesy, behaviour, academic application, co-curricular involvement and in the holistic life of the school and are proactive in enforcing the school rules at all times on campus and relevant times off campus.
  • Support the School by participating in the holistic life of the school
  • Act as ambassadors for the school in the wider community.
  • Encourage involvement and participate enthusiastically in school and pastoral house events.
  • Work collegially with other student Leaders.
  • Provide guidance and act as mentors for other students.
  • Assist staff where necessary.
  • Take a high profile position in relation to any public duties required by the school
  • Are confident to speak at school functions.
  • Are responsible for the organisation and coordination of the school with respect to assemblies, and other full school gatherings
  • Help with morale and well-being of the whole student body
  • Liaise with the students in their year group and House, on matters pertaining to the whole school
  • Form the executive of the Student Leadership Team and organise the Student Leaders to work as a team.  School leaders and selected students meet with the Head of their Sub-School and the Chaplain regularly.


Student Leaders 2019

Head Boy Harry Curtin
Head Girl Hannah Bowden
SRC President Shae Cartledge-Giovinazzo
Junior School Head Boy Cale Donaldson
Junior School Head Girl Olivia Kruger


HOUSE Senior School Captains Middle School Captains Junior School Captains
Bunker Lachlan Van Vliet Sofia Watt Misha Matthews
Eagle Joshua Lee Rhiannon van der Tang Ben Stone
Flinders Jayden Mewett Marshall Grosse Kate Goldsmith
Geographe Keeley Johnson Simon Slater Joel Hargreaves
Hamelin Shannon Jackman Lulu Schiller Anouk Siegrist
Meelup William Brinsmead Alina Camarri Hudson Avery
Art     Jessie York
Sport     Hudson Wright
Sustainability     Ella Taylor
Service     Lean Quinn