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Junior School Colours badges are awarded to students for individual and team sports, service, arts and academic pursuits.Students who meet the criteria outlined below may nominate/be nominated for School Colours and all nominations are discussed by the Junior School Colours Committee.

General Criteria for all Awards:

  • The student nominated should display excellence in performance, sportsmanship, commitment, service and scholastic achievement in their school endeavours, and bring credit to this Anglican school by their general behaviour.

  • The student nominated should have shown dedication to the values of the school; should have attended training and practices diligently and should have assisted and supported the activity throughout their time at GMAS.

  • All nominees are expected to have a balanced involvement in the life of GMAS.

The Awarding of Junior School Colours.

Colours are awarded at the discretion of the Colours Committee and with the approval of the Principal or delegate, after a staff member or parent has nominated students for consideration. Such nominations should be in writing and should be given to the Head of Primary before the scheduled meeting of the Committee.

Colours may be awarded for:

  • Sporting achievement: e.g. athletics, basketball, cricket, equestrian, football, hockey, netball, rifle shooting, soccer, surf lifesaving, swimming, tennis
  • Other co-curricular achievements: e.g. music, drama, dance, debating, chess, Tournament of Minds
  • Community Service
  • Representation in an activity at State or National level.
  • Academic Excellence

Colours may be awarded on two occasions during the year after a Colours Committee Meeting:

  • During term three
  • During term four
  • The Colours Committee will comprise the Head of Primary, Assistant Heads of Primary and one other staff member.
  • The Colours Committee meet to consider the students nominated. The Committee may also nominate students.
  • Final approval must be sought from the Principal or delegate.

Examples when individuals may be worthy of nomincaiton for Junior School Colours

  • Athletics and Swimming: A student who places first at a SWPSA Interschool Carnival with a significant time or distance. Students who have participated at State (Western Australia) or National representation are also eligible to be nominated for colours/
  • Team sports: Exceptional individuals who have contributed significantly within a team that is placed first in a regional competition may be nominated.
  • Academic colours – where a student achieves well above expected level in all academic subjects, that student may be nominated.
  • Arts – Students who are considered to be exceptional within their particular field may be nominated. They must have demonstrated an outstanding level of involvement for an extended level of time (at least two years, equating to a minimum of 100 hours)
  • An outstanding level of Service over a period of time qualifies a student for Service Colours. A minimum of 80 hours is generally the benchmark for nomination for colours over a two year time period.

The Wearing of Colours

A badge with the inscription ‘Junior School Colours’ will be presented to individuals. While an individual may be awarded Junior School Colours in more than one discipline, all of which will be acknowledged, only a single Junior School Colours badge will be presented. This generic badge will cover all categories. The recipient may wear this during their time in the Junior School. They are not to be worn as a part of the uniform, once the student has entered Secondary School.

If you believe that your child may be eligible for Junior School Colours please see the Policy and Nomination Form and return to the Head of Primary.

Academic Colours Recording Sheet
Arts Colours Recording Sheet
Service Colours Recording Sheet
Sporting Colours Recording Sheet